January 3, 2011

What a Day to Lose the Batteries!

This is just a quickie...maybe better suited to a format like facebook (shudder), but I just have a couple minutes and have to whine to you about something EXTREMELY annoying.

You should have SEEN the sun this morning!!!!!! It rose as a deep orange globe casting a straight column of color across an even-more-iced-over Lake Michigan. You know how I took all those great pictures yesterday? Well, it killed the batteries in my camera and I didn't have any spare AAs with me...so I MISSED being able to capture and share this incredible image!


Anyway, I'll be on my way to the store directly to pick up a few.

My SWE (symphonic wind ensemble) audition today went ok. I played really well except for 2 key high notes--one at the end of Copland's Outdoor Overture (dangit!), and one at the end of his Ceremonial Fanfare (double dangit...even though the rest of this particular excerpt went better than I'd ever done it before...yay for that at least?). The Pines of Rome bits were my strongest--if (a BIG if!) I end up with a solo on SWE's upcoming recording, I'm betting on Pines...I was hoping for Outdoor Overture though...oh well.

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  1. Thanks for telling of the audition. I was hoping it went OK Bummer about the batteries. I hope there will be many more sunrises that equal this one that you missed capturing. At least you got to see it with your eyes: )