January 11, 2011

#7...is it a sunrise?

Today began in a white out. Little flakes are being blown about wildly in the wind and before the end of the day we should see about 4-6 additional inches. I'm not too broken hearted about that--I have a ton of reading and writing to do for my Music and Memory class so the less-than-ideal weather conditions should keep me happy to be inside studying.

Music and Memory may prove to be the most challenging class I take at NU. In order to graduate, I'm required to take at least one 400-or-higher level class and I figured it would be in my best interests to try to get that accomplished early so that later, when it really counts, I can focus more completely on trumpet. Fortunately M&M is proving to be a fascinating (and surprisingly little explored) area of research. Our main tasks so far have been to read and react in writing to scholarly psychology articles addressing topics ranging from how our brains decide what key a piece is in, to how our neural processes are idiosyncratically set up to record lists of items in short and long term memory. The class is small: about 12 people so far (the teacher says he expects that more will likely drop the class...I hope he isn't expecting I'll do that!), and is primarily filled with masters and doctoral candidates in the areas of cognition and music cognition. I'm one of 3 lonely performance majors braving this new territory! Whew...better get to it then!

Here's the best "sunrise" I could muster for you this morning (yes, that is Lake Michigan)...lovely in its own way.

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  1. I gotta love that you are keeping this going despite the clouds. The sun rises with or without them. Hey that sounds like a cliche' but I don't think I've heard it before. Maybe I'll start using it.