January 7, 2011

#3...Or: the "Energizer" Sunrise

The weather this morning said it'd be cloudy all day so I didn't expect to get much of a sunrise this morning. I was getting ready to post something like: "I promise these will get better!"

When I arrived--just before the actual sunrise, that today occurred at 7:18--things looked pretty bleak, though there were a few more interesting features than yesterday. For one thing the water was pretty turbulent. All that motion plus the fact that our temps haven't been getting much lower than the low 20s lately has pretty much eliminated any surface ice from the lake. A few spots showed signs of slush, but certainly not the reflective plane that had existed early in the week.

Good 'nuff...

I went inside to collect my things and prepare to practice.

Not 5 minutes later I looked outside and saw...color! Hey...gotta run out and get a shot of that!

I ran out in nothing but a light sweater and snapped a few satisfying shots.

Not 3 minutes later I looked outside and...Wow! What awesome cloud formations!

Not 2 minutes later I looked again and...holy crap! This thing is really getting good!

Rather than take the time to run outside, I hunkered down in the lounge watching the sun illuminating the clouds and snapped pics through the glass as the spectacle unfolded (if you look closely you can see the reflections).

It just kept going...

...and going...
...and going...

Finally, the thrill subsided and I headed into the practice room. 'Bout time I get busy anyway.

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  1. Just now got to read this and enjoy the pics. I hope you're feeling good after we talked i thought I kind of swept you off a bit too soon. I didn't mean to do that. I sure love you and I KNOW you're going to do great because you always do your level best. You have so many great qualities I'm sure it's hard for the universe to keep up with you!!!