January 16, 2011

Daily Sunrise #12

Today's sunrise was a good one.

A few minutes before the sun crested the horizon (behind the clouds) everything was glowing from the twice-reflected redness of predawn.

I had to wait another half hour or so (fortunately I'd dressed in many layers) before the sun rose above the eastern cloud bank, but I was ultimately glad I toughed it out.

I noticed another strip of ice is coming in over the horizon and getting ready to invade.

I guess they prefer to launch their campaigns on Sundays. It's almost certain we'll all be having pancakes for dinner tonight.

The embouchure progress I made 2 days ago did not carry over very well yesterday. I just reverted back to my regular set up for our brass quintet coaching--which felt great up to concert B flat and gave me the joy of being able to play freely and musically for about an hour. Channing (our coach) even complimented me on my sound and reading--which felt great.

Afterwards I found a practice room and attempted to get myself back on track with the new embouchure, but was unsuccessful. Utterly frustrated once again, I decided to call it quits for the day, and right now am sitting in the lounge trying to decide whether I should play today or not. On one hand, it might be good to take a day to rest and reset--tomorrow of course is Martin Luther King Day and class will not be in session so I have sort of an extra day for personal work. On the other hand, a day off is a day lost--can I really afford to give up that time?

Sometimes I wish there were someone around to give me orders--it's difficult for me to make a decision like this on my own and feel justified.

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  1. It just keeps on, doesn't it? Here you go, I'll tell you this. Sometimes you NEED to take a day off! Gift yourself a respite. You've more than earned it and I PROMISE you'll be glad.