January 8, 2011

Daily Sunrise #4

I realized this morning what a challenge it will be to keep this theme interesting for y'all. It's one thing to watch a sunrise in person, quite another to view a string of pictures all shot from the same location of the same predictable event with the major variations seeming to consist only of the shape of the clouds and the size of the waves. You'll have to trust me that every once in a while (like Monday and Tuesday this week...when I wasn't able to shoot!) there are some really unusual and surreal sunrises. In between those anomalies I'll have to try to be creative with how I present the beginnings of days. There's a reason that predawn to sunrise is my favorite time of day. It will be my mission to make you understand why.

I was really glad today was Saturday because that meant I could just drive my car in to school rather than having to walk. Normally I have no problem with walking. In fact, I quite enjoy it. It's a great way to get my blood pumping just enough so my body's primed and ready for the rest of the day's activities. However, when the wind chill is -10 degrees, it's generally a bit more pleasant to travel via automobile than by foot.

I'm sure the only reason the lake hasn't yet frozen over again is that the water is turbulent enough to keep the solid ice at bay. Instead, gigantic slush-filled waves roll towards shore...unstoppable behemoths that seem to resonate subsonically as they surge past.

I sit on the shore in awe of my smallness against such immensity.

A flock of geese flies by...struggling with persistent and bitter winds as they make a much-belated push towards warmer lands in the south.

Good luck guys!

Here comes the sun...

I watched the increasing daylight until the sun finally reached above the clouds and made further viewing to the east impossible. I then collected my things and headed back in to the music building to begin the day.

While walking upstairs after a stop at my locker I snapped this little shot of window condensation just for fun. This is what my glasses look like every time I come in from the cold!

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