January 27, 2011


Still no sun this morning.

I've continued to arrive at the lakeside daily at sunrise despite the clouds because, as has been demonstrated time and again, surprising things can happen on the horizon no matter the forecast.

Downsides to this:
1. Loss of sleep (especially when Rob and I have a good bedtime chat and stay up late...like last night).
2. Disappointment over an effort that seems wasted.

1. It's always nice to get a little exercise in the morning (and BOY do I NEED it these days!).
2. When I get to school early I'm guaranteed a good practice room.
3. By requiring myself to walk to school every day I've become rather acclimated to the wintry weather. Today's temps were down around 20 (relatively warm) and I didn't feel the need (or ultimately miss) my usual 3 layers on top and 2 on bottom. In fact, compared to how hot some of the buildings here are kept, it usually feels pretty refreshing to step out into the chill.

This morning I got an added bonus when I noticed this frosty assemblage of stones, pine needles, and seed pods.

As I walked past it, the flow of line and jumble of minutiae reminded me of works I'd seen by Spanish painter Joan Miro. To confirm my hunch I googled the artist this morning and found this...

Joan Miro: Constellation 3

...something of a big-city (or psych-ward) cousin to my back-woodsy composition wouldn't ya say?

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  1. I'm grinning ear to ear!!! LOVE the comparison of pics. You DO have an amazing eye.