February 5, 2011

Tired of Numbers

Technically, this picture would constitute sunrise #23, but I'm getting a little tired of numbering them. It feels unnecessarily rigid and certainly doesn't contribute to meaning. Something this lovely doesn't need a catalogue number...

The SWE concert last night went alright. Things got a little tense now and then--didn't flow as well as they had in rehearsal, but now that we've worked those nervous kinks out in performance, the recording sessions today and tomorrow should be all the more secure.

I'm currently sitting in the lounge passing time until our 9:00 breakfast call. We're being provided with a big hot spread of classic breakfast fare in order to set us up well for a long and intense day of recording. I ate an apple when I left my apartment earlier, but it's no longer doing a very good job of filling my stomach. I guess I must have burned a lot of calories walking around in the cold this morning!

I should be getting into the practice room soon. Though I'm not particularly looking forward to warming up my chops while running on empty, that minor discomfort is relatively manageable when compared to the thought of slogging through hours of recording without having had a proper warm up.

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