February 6, 2011

A True Artist

I got a blog comment from Jason DuMars today! After my October 2010 entry entitled Finely Decorated Copper Weights he said, "Nice work Kelly! Keep up the art. There are so few of us left in the world."


This is shocking and cool because Jason DuMars is legendary in the world of instrument engraving (to see his website, click on his name in the first paragraph). While I was bungling through the first few stages of learning the craft at Cannonball, I looked at the quality and beauty of his work as as a distant ideal for what is possible in the medium. I can't tell you how many times Cannonball dealers or people at trade shows would ask me "Have you seen Jason DuMars' engravings?" One day, a repair tech at Summerhays music brought by a silver alto sax that had been decorated by DuMars so I could see his work up close. It was gorgeously detailed and every line was executed with easy perfection...absolutely luscious. It is a fine compliment indeed to be noticed by such an artist. I'm even more bummed now that my current situation hasn't allowed much continuation in my own work. Maybe this little boost of morale will get the creative ball rolling for me again.

We've got more snow today. Not a blizzard really, just a lot of big fluffy snow-globe-esque flakes dancing through the air. It sure is pretty, but I hope it doesn't further complicate the already bothersome parking conditions.

Here's your "sunrise" picture...

The SWE recording yesterday went quite well. It was a long and, at times, frustratingly tedious process, but I am really excited to hear the final product--which I think will be spectacular! (especially if they're able to edit out the spot where I accidentally sent my mute crashing to the floor right in the middle of a delicate flute/clarinet soli...ugh!) Schwantner's And the Mountains Rising Nowhere (on which I don't play) is being recorded today, and then our next concert's worth of music will make up the rest of what goes on the CD. When the process is complete the recordings will be released on Summit records--I'll certainly keep you posted with final details when I know them.

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  1. What a nice compliment, indeed! Miss you SO much!!!!