February 10, 2011

Steaming Ice

There have been a few occasions when I've seen the lake behaving like a sauna--the outside air so cold that the turbulent water below billows with clouds of steam. This morning a similar effect occurred, but this time it was the ice that was steaming!

I think this morning's low of minus 7 (wind chill minus 15) is the coldest baseline temp I've ever experienced. There was one morning a couple weeks ago where the base was minus 2 and the wind chill minus 25, but I'm betting the occasional big gust of wind pushed today's low well below the reported minus 15. During my walk to school I spent a lot of time with my gloved hands cupped around my face to prevent every inhale from freezing the insides of my nostrils.

Well, I'm now on my way to excerpt class. We're playing through Stravinsky's Fireworks...should be fun!

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