September 7, 2010

Slowly but Surely

Alright...I'm coming online slowly but surely!

The NU offices were open again today after the Labor Day break and I was able to call the tech center and get help logging on to the NU wireless system, so now I have 2 great places from which to access the internet for free: NU and the public library. One of these days I'll follow through and get set up with a personal connection at home...that way I'll be able to go to all my favorite sleazy websites without having to worry about those prudish librarians peeking over my shoulder...just kidding:)

I am finally starting to feel myself again on the trumpet! I went in early to practice today and was able to get through most of the audition materials without too much trouble. My efforts for the next couple weeks will primarily be directed towards polishing up rough spots and making sure I've got the endurance to make it through the long etudes with my sound and flexibility intact.

So far there have only been a smattering of other musicians using the practice rooms at any given time: a couple string players...a couple low brassers...maybe a double reed or two...(still no other trumpeters that I've heard)...and at this point everyone's been able to space themselves out enough so that the noise isn't too overwhelming. The rooms are all quite close together and there doesn't seem to be much soundproofing so I'm sure when the school year gets into full swing it will turn into quite a cacophony! I guess that working in such an environment will just force me to focus and help me overcome my occasional bad habit of listening to what's going on with others more than paying attention to my own business.

Still, I must admit it's been fun to (clandestinely) listen to some great playing going on around me. Last night, a mallet player came in and started playing some mean xylophone! It was awesome to listen to his/her precise and energetic musical pointillism during my breaks. It is obvious I will certainly be working with some excellent musicians this year!...hope I can keep up!

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