September 16, 2010

A Sad Ending

Here's the unfortunate ending to the story in my last blog post:

When that bomb went off it took the life of a 21 year old man who was loved and admired by his friends and family, but who'd also battled depression for most of his life. Those who knew him said his suicide, though a great tragedy, was "not a complete surprise". The man had moved to Evanston from Madison Wisconsin in order to get better care for his psychiatric ailments and had enrolled at a local community college. Everyone agreed that he seemed to be doing much better...

The second bomb found on the scene and later detonated by police was most likely a back up in case the first was ..."unsuccessful"... what a horrible word to use in this case.

This story saddens me. I (as I know many have) have had my own battles with depression and I'd be lying if I were to say that I've never considered...well...ending things. A part of me feels very ashamed to have somewhat sensationalized a story that ultimately proved to be such an intimate tragedy.

My heart goes out to all those who've ever reached those depths where the soul seems absent and the mind is captive to an oppressive void of despair, and I thank those who've patiently and lovingly assisted me during the times I've found myself wandering through that terrible darkness.

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  1. It's actually almost impossible to comprehend bringing a back up bomb.
    How very tragic.