September 25, 2010


It's been a tough week.

In many ways it seems that though I'm 10 years older than most of my fellow students, I'm 10 years behind them. I feel I have so much to catch up on that I almost wish I were coming in as a freshman! And even then, I think I've already mentioned how astounding this year's freshmen are...

NU will certainly be a challenge, but I have to remember that's precisely why I came here!

My thought for the week is something I came across while doing my required reading assignment for American Art Song...

"The difficult appeals through the traces it carries of another world in which it would be easy."

From Simon Firth: "Performing Rites: on the value of popular music"

So...once I go "starting today".


  1. Amen. Isn't that the story of life? We do the difficult until it becomes easy, second nature to us. Then, however, is when we can't take our progress for granted. There is always another challenge in life. But it is good to look back and realize how many challenges we have faced and conquered too. You have done so many difficult things in your life, Kelly. I am constantly impressed by your accomplishments, and surprised at how easily you downplay them. Think of all the "difficults" that are now "easies" for you!

  2. Dear Kelly, I have been reading your blog since your mom told me about it. You are so very talented. You accept challenges and meet them head on. You said you were nervous about playing. I have always heard that is a good sign of a true professional. You have great insight and are able to express yourself so well. I just finished watching an HBO Movie about a talented person named Temple Grandin. She had much to overcome but kept trying until she reached her goal. Maybe you have seen the movie or heard of it. It bears watching. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.
    Sincerely, Great Aunt Janice Hegland Hanson