October 15, 2011

Urban Moonset

I don't have a sunrise for you today.

The SWE concert was last night and I felt that after a long week and a good performance I deserved to sleep in a little extra. Plus I had multiple weeks worth of laundry and dishes piling up and needed to devote a morning to making my living space a little more livable again. Still, while going back and forth between the neighborhood laundromat and my apartment building, I was able to get some interesting photos of the waning moon setting over a rugged urban skyscape...

I love the cold messy look of the wires juxtaposed against the moon in a clear sky...

I thought I could hear the honking of geese somewhere off in the distance, but took little notice until a whole flock flew right over where I was standing...

What a happy surprise!

It felt like one of those moments that great photographers always talk about...when multiple unexpected elements fortuitously coincide to create a uniquely memorable scene.


  1. I had no doubt! SO looking forward to your recital.

  2. Conversation I just had with Matt:

    Matt, seeing your recital invitation: Man, that girl is so awesome.
    Audra: I know! I want her to be my best friend.
    Matt: She's too cool to be your best friend.
    Audra: You're probably right.

  3. Also we are going to try and listen since it will be 7:00pm our time! We'll make Maggie to bed early that night.