October 21, 2011


Here's the link where you can watch my recital tomorrow. The performance will begin at noon (central time), but make sure you start watching a little early so you can get through all the obligatory ads that will run on the website beforehand (sorry about that...goes with the territory I guess). Wish me luck...I'll NEED IT !!!

The program will be as follows:

Torelli--Sonata for Trumpet and Piano



Stephenson--Vignettes for Trumpet and Percussion

And if you'd like a copy of the program notes, send me a comment here and I will email you a word document.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Yeah!! I want the program notes. I'm so excited to se/hear you play. I know you'll do wonderfully. I will be there with you in spirit and on my TV. We got an adaptor that will hook Rod's ipad to the TV. Good luck!!! I love you!