October 18, 2011

Symphony Fantastique

I titled this blog after Berlioz's masterpiece because that's what we played this morning in excerpt class, but the title also aptly describes the symphony of colors that played across the sky this morning...

While working on my recital poster on Friday, I opened up my box of colored pencils and began testing out the colors to see which would work best for my autumn-themed design. When I'd encounter a particularly flamboyant shade, I'd crinkle my nose and set it aside. "That color never shows up in nature," I thought.

And then I see a sunrise like this morning...

Man, I'm envious of that guy out on his kayak!

The interesting thing about this sunrise was that all the colorful stuff happened before the sun actually broke the horizon. One minute the sky was aflame, and the next the sun was nothing more than a pale pink apparition of brightness behind a thick layer of gray clouds.

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  1. Right place, right time and behold!!! It's a rare and beautiful treasure!