July 5, 2011


Ok, so I know I've already written today, but I just noticed something cool in one of the photos I posted. You know how I was so excited about being able to see the spider in the second "web" photo in my post? This one:

...and for those who couldn't find the spider I've cut and zoomed in so you could see him a little better here:

What I didn't realize is that I'd captured a good shot of another spider in the first "web" photo as well.

You can see it...right?

Yeah...me neither.

Well, this afternoon I decided I liked this photo well enough to give it a turn as my laptop's wallpaper. When I saw it blown up to that larger size I noticed this:

I'd estimate that the web he spun was at max 2 inches across so this guy is TINY! If you want to try and locate him again in the large photo he's smack dab in the middle towards the top edge.

His web was right near the spot I set up for practice this morning and at one point I looked down and noticed that I'd mistakenly ruined the web (I think I'd just played some high notes and kicked out a foot or something). "Oh well," I thought to myself, "at least there wasn't a spider in that one." Now that I see my mistake I'm suddenly feeling really guilty for my careless clumsiness. I hope the little spinner got away and still lives to hunt again.

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  1. Like little diamonds! you and your amazing eye!!!! I actually HAD seen the little guy but I needed the aid of the computer.