July 2, 2011

Caught Red Handed

Despite how this looks, I promise I haven't killed anything recently. Rather, I've gotten my hands into one of the most delectable cookie recipes I've ever tried: Red Velvet GOOEY Butter Cookies! And yes, they are as good as they sound.
A euphonium doctoral student at NU served these sinful morsels after his recital this past year and I rolled my eyes with pleasure upon taking my first bite. Rich, moist, and red as rose, these cookies leave nothing to the imagination and satisfy all the crucial senses...especially when eaten fresh from the oven. So, in hopes of tempting you all over to the dark side of cookiedom, here I am about to check off another blogging cliche: the recipe post.

Because I'm lazy I'm not actually going to type everything out here. Instead you can follow this link to the recipe. They are embarrassingly easy to make, but I recommend following all the extra instructional tidbits in the blog...especially about rolling them twice in powdered sugar and keeping their size to single tablespoons of dough spaced out evenly on the cookie sheet. Last night Rob and I tried making a batch of larger-sized rolls and they came out just a little too gooey...if indeed there is such a thing as "too gooey". I'm sure if you tried the same thing, you'd just have to leave them in the oven for a minute or two more.

You are now free to enjoy...though you may have to go to confession afterward!

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  1. MMMMMMMMM.I have copied this and added it to my arsenal! Thanks!!!