July 30, 2011


Here's a new doodle I made tonight while listening to:

1. This American Life, Episode #436: The Psychopath Test
2. The Moth, Bill Burr: A Dolls House
3. The Moth, Kimberly Reed: Life Flight
4. Radiolab: Sperm
5. Radiolab: 4 Track Mind (Which you should definitely follow this link and listen to if you're a musician--or any other curious type--it's MIND BLOWING!...Literally...and will only take 20 minutes of your time).

The doodle has nothing visually to do with any of these programs, but if you add up the lengths of each episode that total will at least give you a rough idea of how long it took me to complete.

Materials used: Bic: round stic--medium, and paper.


  1. The Sperm Radio Lab is one of my favorite ones! Also laughter is a good one. I love your sketches! They are so creative. :)

  2. The creativity just flows at times! I think you are in a very good place that is helping you cleanse your soul and fill you with new energy. Not to imply anything about the condition of your soul but the cool, clean mountain air and the quiet beautiful surroundings have produced many expressions and offerings on your blog. It's WONDERFUL!