September 15, 2011

A few good things

Yesterday evening I spent the twilight and early dark hours walking around campus and contemplating doing an entire post about "NU after dark." That idea didn't materialize into anything remotely worthwhile, but I guess I did get a few nice pictures of the city (sheesh! Look at all that light pollution!)...

...and got to watch another spectacular moonrise over the lake (Wow! Even more light pollution!)

The morning dawned sunny and cold--according to newscasters, the coldest predicted high temperature in 15 years (which sounds particularly scary in a place like Chicago, but just meant we had lovely late-fallish 50-60 degree weather).

The wind and currents were whipping up some terrific waves that glistened exuberantly in the sunlight...

I could have watched their rollicking foam-capped curls until lunchtime...BUT...I had scheduled a rehearsal with Yoko (NU's accompanist extraordinaire) for early this afternoon and needed to make sure I got my chops into good condition.

Despite it being a rather stiff day on the horn (which usually signals a sour mood), I managed to pull off a worthwhile and fun rehearsal on the Plog (my selection for the upcoming solo class a week from Wednesday), earned $10 for participating in a psychology study (WooHoo, I'm in the money!), and when I weighed myself at the gym after my workout the scale read 176 (that's minus 2 lbs thank-you-very-much!).

Not too bad I suppose.

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  1. Yay! Love the pictures. I'm glad you're making progress! I miss you!