September 17, 2011


"[Anyone] can fully feel it--this dying of night with the birth of day--this supreme moment when the mists and dimness and low voices of the one exhale into the melody and brightness of the other.

It is a daily miracle--this sudden transition from gray to rosy light--this unrolling of the dew-covered landscape--this assumption, in delicious crescendo, of sound--this quickening of the day's life over the sleep of night--this flying of darkness, as of a ghost pursued, before the flooding of light--this oldest of all stories again told.

Awake, for the day has dawned."

--Ellen Chapman (Hobbs) Rollins

(the originally intent of this quote has been slightly altered by me: instead of "Anyone," Rollins asserted that "only the country liver" could appreciate a sunrise thus. I obviously--and wholeheartedly--disagree. Despite her prejudice against the aesthetic sensitivity of urbanites, I liked her description of daybreak and decided to share it with you here. If I were more gifted poetically I might have written my own grateful I spared you!)

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  1. On the contrary, you have shared your gift with us in these beautiful photos. I would really like you to put to words your thoughts. You do on this blog and I think most of it is as thought provoking and spirit edifying as any. I have become addicted to the nourishment my soul gets each time I read your offerings.