December 13, 2010

Monday Monday...continued

So after dinner, turns out I went to help Rob set up for the physics much for Carmelitas...for now anyway.

My job was to help him pass out about two hundred of these... serve as signs labeling about two hundred of the many hundreds of tables set up for final-exam taking in Barton Hall: Cornell's central athletic facility. While we worked, the track-and-field team was in the middle of practice and I found myself fascinated by groups of runners racing around the enormous indoor track and pole vaulters flinging themselves up and over a rope suspended between two white poles. I hadn't ever seen fine competitive sprinters "up close" and it was beautiful to watch them as their bodies seemed to glide around the periphery of the building. The room itself is huge...27,000 square feet with 40 foot ceilings...not the sort of place I'd personally enjoy taking a test in, but I suppose when you've got 420+ students that need to be reasonably spaced out, there aren't many alternatives.

After we finished setting up, Rob needed to head back to his office in the astronomy building to print off the roll sheets for his section. I always feel cool walking through halls once frequented by Carl Sagan...a bit of a consolation for being deprived of watching the the Geminids (what could be the year's most spectacular meteor shower), which is peaking tonight. Somewhere above the clouds I'm sure it's putting on quite a show.

Maybe we could entertain ourselves with a game or two instead...

(Rob wanted me to make sure to tell you that these are NOT his games. They belong to his office mate Geoffrey...though c'mon've played them almost as frequently as all the other guys in your department...nothing to be embarrassed about!!!)

Nah. The games'll have to wait for another time...Rob's busy at the exam and I've still got 2 more hours of practice to put in before I call it a night.

I'll eventually get back to those cookies though!

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  1. That was fun!!! thanks for letting us see some of what Rob does.