December 16, 2010

Century Mark!

It's my 100th post!

I was hoping I'd be able to come up with something elegant and profound to say in celebration of this personal milestone, but this time I think I'm just gonna let the pictures do most of the talking.

Rob was away at work for a few hours today, so after practicing, working out, and having lunch, I decided to entertain myself by going back near Rob's old Gun Hill apartment to visit Ithaca Falls. The other day, he and I had noticed a calendar for sale at the Ithaca Bakery that featured lovely photos of a few of the areas most luscious falls--including a fully iced-over Taughannock. I was curious how early in the season a large waterfall like that might freeze over and thought Ithaca falls, as it is just a couple miles down the hill, might be a good place to start my investigation.

I was not disappointed...

This is a big falls, so even though a good portion of it was frozen solid, enough water was still coursing wildly over the rock walls to create its own wind. A fine freezing mist hovered in the air eventually coating everything within about 50 feet of the falls with a significant layer of ice.

While I was photographing, my face and glasses became coated with the stuff. If my attention hadn't been held rapt by all the wonder around me, I might have been totally miserable and thinking of nothing except getting home for a nice big cup of hot soup.

Just as I was about to leave, I noticed a bright waxing moon hovering over the falls. How could I have missed this before?!

I stood around and snapped a good 7 or 8 more pics before finally walking back to my car...suddenly noticing that my hands ached from the cold.


  1. How beautiful! I would love to see it in person.

  2. Ditto. These pictures are worthy of publishing.

  3. Agreed! When I first saw the pictures I thought you copied them from some published work. You have an excellent eye for such things.


    p.s. Thanks for the "warning" in the previous post.