November 22, 2010

Rainy Day

So...I got to school in time to catch the sunrise this morning, but unfortunately, this is all I was able to see of it. Needless to say, it's been something of a blustery day. By the time I'd walked across campus to my Art Song class my shoes were shedding water with every squishy step and my pants looked like I'd gone wading in the lake. I'd remembered to grab my umbrella so my head was dry, but that's about it. Despite the occasionally oppressive downpours it's been an uncharacteristically warm day here. We had highs around 68 degrees and while walking home for lunch I heard more than one person exclaim to their neighbor, "Why is it so warm?!"

I'm a little worried the hot snap could be foreshadowing a winter storm strong enough to interfere with my plans to drive to Ithaca Wednesday. I haven't seen Rob since the beginning of July and we've both been eagerly counting down the days till Thanksgiving when we'll finally be able to enjoy each other's presence again after being apart for what has felt like an eternity. The forecast for Wed. predicts rain and colder temps, but so far NO SNOW! Let's hope it stays that way...

Prof. Davies (my Art Song teacher) handed our listening quizzes back today and I blushed when saw I'd gotten a perfect 38/38. He even put a smiley face by my score...I felt like I was back in 4th grade. Up to this point in the class I've received straight As on all the assignments, and seeing that bright red letter at the top of every paper has consistently made my spirits glow. I know there are some who strongly dislike...even hate..."overachievers", and who roll their eyes at those in a class who are reliably able to answer all the questions and score well on assignments and quizzes, but I've always been proud when I've been recognized for doing well. I would much rather be lauded for issues related to my work and applied creativity than for my appearance or social personality. If this makes me nerdy and utterly unpopular so be it.

We've got tornado watches out tonight and the rain is still coming down in sheets. I'm waiting around in the music lounge for my teaching tech class to begin watching flashes of lightning through the windows, feeling grateful I don't yet have to try to get back home, and hoping that by the time I do, the storm will have dissipated.


  1. Keep it up, Kelly. You're the most wonderful person in the universe!!!!

  2. I'm learning in my sports psychology class that you aren't "nerdy" what you are is "internally motivated".
    Aparently, we're all born with that innate desire to achieve, but somewhere along the way it becomes "uncool" to be so gung-ho about things, so we drop our motivation to achieve in favor of fitting in.
    Unfortunately, after akward social crucibles such as High School; coaches, trainers, atheletes, bosses, drill seargents, and motivational speakers struggle for years to re-inspire some sort of internal motivation in people.
    You are one of the valuable ones that never lost it.

    I am totally in favor of smiley faces, myself.

  3. I love Shaun's comment. I agree. You are the most internally motivated person I know, (and considering the list of people you and I both know who are insanely motivated, that's saying a lot). I am trying to become more internally motivated. It's a good thing I have you to follow, Kelly. I'm giving you a 10/10 on this blog. :)