November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

It's felt great to be sleeping late (a happy illusion anyway) these last couple of days...especially after the late-night creative frenzies I've experienced for the past week or so! The only downside that comes with the ending of daylight savings (other than its inevitable return in the spring) is that I'll be missing seeing the sunrise for the next few weeks.

Before this weekend, I'd get to school every day just before the sun would rise above the surface of Lake Michigan. When I arrive at Regenstein, I usually take a couple minutes to go and watch the day begin from my favorite lakeshore viewing spot and bask in frequently spectacular morning panoramas.

It just doesn't get any better than this...

And it's always a thrill to catch the very first moment the sun peeks above the water...

Now I arrive at school when the sun has been up for a while and though I enjoy that too, I'm still partial to arising in the pre dawn. I know that sooner than I care to think about the sun will have migrated far enough to the south that I'll once again be able to catch the sunrise, but by then, the temperatures will likely be in the single digits...not the most desirable conditions for lakeside viewing! I'm hoping the bleak look of the lake frozen over will add enough magic to the scene to make up for miserable conditions.

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