August 30, 2010

A Last Look From Home

This morning I took my last shot of the lovely Wasatch mountain range from the balcony of my condo. It had been an extraordinarily cold and stormy morning and a powdery layer of snow had even graced the highest mountain peaks...

By about noon my dad, Steve (one of the guys who's been fixing up my condo), and I had loaded the budget moving truck and I had made my last rounds through my soon-to-be former home cleaning and making sure I'd collected all of my belongings. It was incredibly difficult to take the house and mail keys off my key ring and lock the door behind me. I ADORED that little condo. So many great things have happened there. It was a refuge for me. I hope that whoever moves in next finds as much to love about the place as I did...especially now that it's been so fixed up!

I am now at a hotel in Rawlins Wyoming with my dad. After a brief practice session for me and a surprisingly satisfying dinner at a quiet little chinese place across the street, we've just been chilling out back at our dad reading "Cheyenne Autumn" while I check the latest astro-news from SLAS and type this quick blog entry. There's a long day of driving ahead of us so I should probably get to bed.

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