August 28, 2010

El Cid

I am now officially (by blood) an aunt...

My sister Malorie and her Husband Ryan welcomed Cid Emerson Laukat into the world yesterday afternoon after a very short, but according to Mal not entirely painless (to put it mildly), labor. "El Cid" (the master) got a health rating of 9 out of 10 and has a full head of long curly white-blonde white in fact that one of the nurses asked if they'd checked his eyes to see if he's an albino! He's teensy tiny and I was much too skittish to accept an offer to hold him when I came by for a visit this morning. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm not much of a kid or baby person, (and I'll definitely have to thank Cid later for being totally chill and not crying at all while I was there), but I have to admit he's a rather handsome little guy and you can see that the three of them make a lovely family.

I stayed for 15 minutes or so and got a bit of a lump in my throat as I said goodbye...a little because of the baby, but mostly because I won't see Mal and Ryan again for quite a while...sigh.


  1. WHOA! I had no idea she was pregnant! Or even married for that matter. Huge congrats to her!

  2. Hey Kelly,
    I just saw this post. I had no idea you had written it until today when I was reading your blog on my Kindle. Thanks for coming to the hospital that day! Cid is lucky to have such a great aunt!