July 24, 2010

Coming Down

Today I took down the mirror mosaic I'd created above my fireplace during the first few months of my residency in this condo. Now all that's left is a dirty wall covered in little flecks of mirrored paint that I'll undoubtedly have to sand off later.

It was appropriately difficult to remove the mosaic. I had broken one mirror to create it six years ago and broke dozens more today as I chipped the pieces away from the wall and watched as tiny bits of glass shattered against the marble fireplace and peppered the floor with angry microscopic shards.

My first seven years of bad luck haven't ended and I've still gone ahead and added about a hundred more to my tally!

Fortunately I'm not particularly superstitious, but mysticism aside, it is still heartbreaking to have destroyed one of my own creations. Painting over the tree in my bedroom will likely be next week's unpleasant task. After that, I imagine this place will have become just the place I sleep and store all my stuff. Even with the great views, wonderful neighborhood, and lovely remodels that will be completed over the coming weeks, this condo will no longer feel as much my home.

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