July 10, 2010

***ART SALE***

***UPDATE! Some items are now reserved and pending sale--act quickly to reserve what it still available! Thank you all!***

As you all know by this point, In just under two months I'll pack up the life I've built for myself over the last several years in Utah and take off to start a graduate program at Northwestern University. This is a tremendously exciting development and I cannot wait to see how the experiences, personal contacts, and instruction I'll receive there will enhance my prospects as a professional musician...and hopefully enrich my overall humanity.

As I've begun to assemble my belongings and prepare to leave, I've discovered I still have a good bit of my own art--prints, framed prints, and originals--left over from exhibits and sales I've held in the past. As much as I love having my art around, it wouldn't be practical to keep this inventory in the teensy little studio apartment I've leased and I'd rather not burden anyone else with a whole roomfull of art to store. Plus, as my quality of life will switch directly from moderately-well supported professional to starving grad student, I figure...it certainly wouldn't hurt to hold a sale before I go!

I've really only held one formal art sale in the past: a one-day show generously hosted at the home of Gary Ofenloch (tubist with the Utah Symphony). It was great fun and reasonably successful, but time, money, and logistics would make putting together another such event a bit impractical for me so instead I thought I'd use my blog as a temporary venue for display.

For the next couple of weeks I'll refrain from posting additional stories and allow this entry to remain first on the list with the hope that the word will spread and I'll make some sales. Because my main goal at this time is liquidation of existing stock, prices of high quality lambda prints and framed prints (including limited editions) will be significantly (and temporarily--through the end of August 2010 only) reduced to cost. Prices of original works (most are unframed) will remain as they are. All limited edition prints will include a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist...Me!...and most framed prints are also hand signed.

To purchase one of these pieces, send me an email at preshuss1@hotmail.com and put ART SALE in the subject line. From there I'll communicate with you directly about delivery, payment, and any additional questions or comments you may have. You may also reach me by commenting at the end of this blog--I'll read every comment. Just as a note, I am willing to ship artwork to you, but would prefer to hand deliver it if you live within a reasonable driving distance (about 2 hours from SLC, but I can work with you on that if necessary). Shipping unframed pieces will add a nominal amount to the price, while shipping framed pieces so that they arrive in good condition is quite costly.

Here's what's available (you can click on each image for a better view):

(Sizes are given in inches and refer to the print only. Please email for sizes including frame which are noticeably larger. Prices are in US dollars and reflect the exact cost of high-quality lambda scans, prints, and professional framing as directed by the artist. Discounted prices are good through the end of August. Please email to receive prices of originals.)

Untitled (head)...
13 1/2 x 10 1/2
In stock: 3 unframed prints ($41), 1 framed print ($123), unframed original

I did this painting while still a student at Juilliard. I had attended a workshop one night given by a visiting artist from Cuba (unfortunately I don't remember his name). He related his experiences as an underground artist (one who hadn't attended a state school) and told us how difficult it was to function as a creator remaining true to his personal artistic vision. Only those who'd attended a state school had access to art materials and as a result he developed techniques using mediums as basic as ink and dyes (which he had to procure on the black market) and tools like simple toothbrushes and drinking straws. After telling his story he coached us through the creation of our own painting using some of his techniques. I completed Homage to Caspar (which you'll see below) during his class and rendered the untitled head you see above after I went home that night.

Caspar refers to Caspar David Friedrich: a 19th century German romantic painter whom I was studying at the time in my art history class. I love the vast ethereal quality possessed by his works and he often included figures in his paintings staring out together over a spectacular vista. Homage is my personal (and admittedly stark) reaction to what I saw in his works as a portrayal of comforting and sustaining companionship...and as always, you may read whatever sentiments you like into it

Homage to Caspar
10 x 14
In stock: 2 unframed prints ($41)
FRAMED PRINT IS NOW SOLD! THANK YOU!!! Unframed prints are still available.

Ala Moana
limited edition
18 1/2 x 20
In stock: 2 unframed prints ($59), 1 framed print ($169), unframed original

I completed this piece on the 1 year anniversary of 9-11. I was still a student in New York City during the terror attacks and though I didn't personally know anyone killed, the events on and surrounding that day affected me deeply. On 9-11-2002 I was visiting my boyfriend (at the time) in Hawaii. We had gone to Ala Moana beach at sunset and as I watched the yellow sun sink through the clouds, a flock of seagulls rose up from the horizon. There may be some symbolism in how I later portrayed the scene...souls rising up into the heavens or some such...but I'm rarely too literal with that sort of thing. Mainly it is a picture of peace...of serenity...of hope.

limited edition
18 x 22
In stock: SALE PENDING--item currently unavailable

No particular story here. Angel is just about the beauty of line and simple form.

limited edition
18 x 24
In stock:SALE PENDING--item currently unavailable

I drew the first version of Dancer while playing for the Spoleto Opera Festival in Italy during the summer of 2003. The Juilliard Orchestra was the festival's official ensemble that summer and because the main production was Wagner's "Lohengrin" (which requires a whole boatload of offstage trumpeters) I was invited to take part. I completed the final version you see here upon returning to the states. (Forgive the glare in the "detail" photo at right. The prints are glossy and I was unable to remove the shine from this photo.)

I look at Angel and Dancer as somewhat representative of two sides of my personality--one subdued and internal, the other passionate and exuberant. I marry these two traits in my next work...

limited edition
11 x 24
In stock: unframed original

limited edition
16 x 13
In stock: 1 framed print ($151), unframed original

Sara is a slightly difficult work for me to talk about. It is a "portrait" of a real person, though the title Sara is only loosely her correct name and the drawing bears only a minor resemblance to its subject. It is an attempt to illustrate the particular and serene beauty of someone with whom I was only peripherally acquainted, but of whom I experienced a sad and distant sort of admiring jealousy.
I drew Sara in late 1999 early 2000 while I was caught up in intense sorrow after my very first boyfriend broke off our relationship and began another. There never were any truly hard feelings, just a typically youthful heartbreak, and of course my wounds eventually healed.
Years later I spent a brief period with the subject of this drawing and as we became a bit more acquainted I grew to admire her greatly. Though I worry that a slightly awkward past may have corrupted any real possibility of beginning a friendship, I still hold her in high regard and hope (though its unlikely) to cross paths again at some point in the future.

15 1/2 x 24
In stock: 1 unframed print ($59)

For Static I used black sharpie, medium bic pen, and (surprise! We're finally getting into some color!) red colored pencil. It's just one of my random musings on nothing in particular. I have always been enamored with trees and they tend to show up in many of my works.

limited edition
6 3/4 x 10
In stock: 1 unframed print ($41), 1 framed print ($116), unframed original

Here's another foray into black and red. No, that's not supposed to be a bleeding cardinal, and actually, I'm unable to come up with any specifically intended metaphor. It just is what it is for no reason in particular...though some of my "typical" style features and themes are certainly present.

Refuge of Night Birds
limited edition
18 1/2 x 23
In stock: 1 unframed print ($59)

Refuge is based on a poem by the Nobel Prize winning poet Salvatore Quasimodo. Translated from the original Italian it reads:

Up there is a twisted pine;
intent it hearkens to the abyss,
its trunk bent like a crossbow

Refuge of night birds,
at the darkest hour it reverberates
to the swift strokes of wings.

My heart too has its nest
suspended in the dark, and its voice;
also intent, it harkens in the night.

There is also a hint of my childhood fascination with artist Bev Doolittle in this work. Doolittle is known for her meticulously-rendered western-themed watercolors and in many of them, faces, animals, spirits, and indians can be found hiding in amongst the natural features depicted in the painting. There is a face in Refuge. If you don't see it right away keep looking--it will pop out at you sooner or later. Once you see it, it becomes the dominant feature of the piece and is impossible to ignore.

Bad Trip
17 x 19
In stock: 1 unframed print ($59), unframed original

Bad Trip and the drawing below (fish) are featured in my previous blog post "Doodling" from June 2010. If you want their stories, check out the blog archive at left.

Untitled (fish)
limited edition
5 1/2 x 11
In stock: 3 unframed prints ($41), unframed original

7 1/2 x 1
In stock: 1 framed print ($123), unframed original

This is another piece that tends to get me into "trouble". People often make assumptions about my own leanings based on the fact that I preferentially draw beautiful (and often barely covered) women. There is no definite reason for this beyond the fact that the female form is undeniably lovely. This picture plainly celebrates a female coupling (which, by the way, I certainly support for all who are drawn in that direction--though I am not), and because of its clarity of line and subtlety of color is one of my favorite pieces.

11 x 14
In stock: 1 framed print ($123), unframed original

I didn't start out with this idea in mind, but after I finished this piece, it reminded me of how my innards feel when I'm approaching a tough or awkward situation.

limited edition
8 x 8
In stock: 1 unframed print ($41), unframed original

This is a simple rough-looking sketch that may have taken me only 5 minutes to render. Still, it is a good representation of the sadness and loneliness that has often driven me to pull out a sketch pad and give voice to the pain that would otherwise eat me away from the inside out. It is unfortunate that in the past my creativity has frequently been driven by bouts with depression, but my ability to beautify these struggles has sometimes helped me work through them.

8 1/2 x 11
In stock: 5 unframed prints ($5), 1 framed print ($65)

Thai was a little terrier mix my family owned for (I think) about 15 years while I was growing up. He was sweet and loving with real spunk and though we never owned horses I imagined this is how he may have reacted had he ever encountered one. The prints available are not lambdas, but are regular color reproductions of the original.

Untitled (mountain hair)
24 x 14
In stock: SALE PENDING--item currently unavailable

This is another of my "doodles" (see Doodling blog June 2010). I really have no idea how the idea evolved, but I'm quite pleased with the result which in spots blends from pencil into bic into sharpie.

The City
13 x 24
In stock: unframed original

This piece is based loosely around my impressions of a short Arthur C. Clarke novel: "The City and the Stars". To find out more you'll have to read the book...which is excellent.

The City is also one of my favorite drawings. I'm proud of its clarity and also the interesting use of color in the "sand dune" like features of the landscape. I feel somewhat connected to the character atop the dune: he does not portray a reflection of loneliness but rather of integrious (a new favorite word of mine: the adjective form of integrity) individuality.

Foxfire (or Firefly)
14 x 17
In stock: 1 unframed print ($51), 1 framed print ($191), unframed original

Around the time I began this colored pencil drawing, I had read Bill Bryson's wonderfully entertaining account of hiking the Appalachian Trail: "A Walk in the Woods". He told of seeing bioluminescent mushrooms in the Great Smokey Mountains that would light up the night with what is referred to as "foxfire"...I was intrigued. I've also had a thing for faeries and fantasy all my life. This was drawn on a white piece of paper and all the blackness you see represents hours of filling in space with a black colored pencil that was barely a nub by the time I finished! The idea for the glowing orb the fairie is holding was conceived when I noticed some circles of glare in the lenses of my glasses during a music theory class at Juilliard. I used the color pattern I observed in my glasses to provide the illusion of glow. The framed print of this picture is particularly gorgeous. The frame is dusty silver with 3-d patterns of curling lillies set atop a grey-blue suede mat and a thin textured white accent mat.

I have many more original artworks available for purchase, but I've made this blog entry plenty long already!

Please feel free to visit my art website (there's a link on the left-hand side of my blog page) and email me (preshuss1@hotmail.com) with specific inquiries. I'll be adding works over the next couple of days so check back to view any new posts to that site. PLEASE feel free (and encouraged) to pass this blog on to anyone you feel might have an interest in my art. I am also available for custom musical instrument or ipod engraving, and can consult on creating a personalized mirror mosaic for your home (for an example of my work, please see my blog "Holladay Home" in June 2010).

Thank you!


  1. Mountain Hair...makes sense.

    Everything else, brilliant, beautiful.

  2. I read "The City and the Stars" several times when I was younger. Good story, and great drawing - nice work!

  3. Wow Kelly! I hope that these all go to the appreciative homes they deserve. You are amazing! Ryan and I will definitely be looking for something to add to our collection.

  4. I couldn't say it better...WOW KELLY!! I love them and wish I had a big enough wall for them!!
    I really enjoy your writings...would so much like to talk with you...
    Love, Grandma A.