March 15, 2016

First Days at Bryce Canyon

I'm all moved in at Bryce Canyon National Park, and am now working full time as a Ranger!

Yes, I've still found time here and there to draw. I expect many upcoming doodles will have "hoodoos" in them. Also, for years sharpies have been my pen of choice, but I've found a new favorite: Zig Memory System Millenium pens. In these most recent drawings I've used both.

3x5, Zig Millenium & Sharpie

Since starting at Bryce, I've been reveling in the incredible views from the rim and down on the trails. A couple days ago I watched low billowy clouds hover above the Table Cliffs Plateau--15 miles away on the eastern horizon as seen from the rim of Bryce--and every evening, Jupiter appears as a brilliant "star" above that same plateau. This drawing combines elements of both scenes...and a little of my own imagination.

3x5, Zig Millenium & Sharpie

3x5, Zig Millenium & Sharpie

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