November 23, 2015

Sunrise at Mesa Arch

Monday, November 23,

Here’s how my day began…
Grumpy, tired, visual migraine obstructing my vision.
No apples left (gotta go to the store tonight).
Maybe watching sunrise will help.
6 miles of driving and ¼ mile of walking and I arrive at Mesa Arch.
Oh great…there’s a crowd.

Screw the arch. Everyone’s got a picture of that. I’m gonna find my own spot.

One drop of sunlight.
The world awakes.

I’m taken back to sunrises on the shores of Lake Michigan... sunrises at Bryce Canyon...

...and know from now on I’ll remember this sunrise in particular.

The crowds disperse, and I find my way to a vantage under the arch. 

When they said this may be the most perfect photo op in the desert southwest, they weren’t kidding. The way lit sandstone frames Washerwoman Arch and Monster it was planned that way. 

Potholes on the White Rim sparkle.

Sandstone layers recall ice layers I’ve seen coat rocks on the shores of Lake Michigan. 


I only remember to look back in the other direction when I walk back to my car...

...but vow afterward to watch sunrise from many different vantage points. On the other side of sunrise I see new shapes and colors that are hidden in the shadows of afternoon and evening.

Morning shadows shrink away and reveal other treasures...

And I drive home through fields of jeweled grass.

In a place like this, big space, great distance, and deep time are on full display.
It’s sometimes easy to forget the small, the close, and the fleeting.

Somewhere along the way I also forgot that I was grumpy.

Thank you.


  1. How very blessed you are to get these gifts from nature.

  2. So beautiful. Your pictures made me smile and happier about life and the day I have ahead of me. Thanks for that!

    1. Thank you Holly!! And Happy Thanksgiving:)

  3. Wow. I've never been to Mesa Arch. You have me itching to see it-- at sunrise.