October 5, 2015

On Choice

After a few big plans gone awry, I'm a little leery of making choices. In my down times, I fear choosing incorrectly and continuing down a path of destruction and disappointment. In my better times I realize that many choices are not right or wrong, and that out of my losses have come unexpected gains that I wouldn't trade for anything. This morning I went for a walk in the woods and was reflecting on choice, and also on the beauty that can exist within the temporary. Here are some thoughts.

In work there is purpose
In idleness, rest.

A straight course is efficient,
while meanders reveal.

There is pleasure in companionship
And in solitude, peace.

With permanence comes security
In the ephemeral, bliss.

Each choice is a sacrifice
and an acquisition.

Right can be respectable,
but wrong opens a door to learning.

Experiencing wealth or want
One can find gratitude.

In joy or sorrow
One can feel most alive.

And forever, or fleeting,
Love abides.


  1. The greatest wisest words ever uttered.

  2. Wonderful poem Kelly. Profound and beautiful.