November 15, 2012

Colder Than...

I've been complaining a lot about the cold lately. Probably more than I ought to, considering how much of the cold season still lies ahead. But I felt some sense of justification this morning when I checked my Weather Channel daily forecast page...

Yes, that's right: Oberlin's temperatures this morning were lower than those at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

This isn't entirely surprising. It's approaching summer at the south pole and the sun is in the sky all day long. It was about 2:00 AM in Antarctica (8:00 AM here) when I checked the forecast, but the sun had still been hanging around all night long warming things up. If you include costal and interior readings, Antarctic temperatures can soar to the mid 50s during the summer (never mind that they regularly plunge below -100 degrees in the winter), so I'm sure they're going to continue to beat us on our high temps for a good while yet.

As to why I have this particular collection of locations on my daily weather, Oberlin is home, Salt Lake is...also home, and McMurdo...well, a visit to Antarctica has been on my bucket list for years now. It's fun to see its weather details pop up in the morning and imagine that I might someday find a way to make the voyage. 

And yet, I complain about the cold. How embarrassing.

I'm really gonna have to toughen up!

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  1. Nice. The global temps are trending upward but it is strange that Antarctica is ever warmer than somewhere else.