September 11, 2012

In my own backyard

It's a GORGEOUS day outside.

At the Black River Astronomy Society's club meeting last week, one of the members quipped, "The things I love most about living in Ohio are September and October," and I'm beginning to understand why. In order to take advantage of the lovely afternoon I decided to go on a mini expedition into the backyard and see if I could discover any cool happenings.

Little yellow flowers glowed in the fading light of the afternoon...

...and I spent some time observing an engorged Orb Weaver as he slept off what must have been quite a memorable feast...

...but the most uninhibited festivities were taking place among our already prodigious population of crane flies.

There were at least four couples whom I observed livin' it up on the north side of the house, and many more single rovers buzzing around trying to woo a potential partner. Looks like Mr. Orb Weaver won't be missing any meals anytime soon...

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