January 30, 2012

Two Good Endings

Over the last couple of days two good things have come to a satisfying conclusion.

On Saturday and Sunday the Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra performed Mahler's 3rd Symphony. Our Saturday evening concert ranks as one of my top musical experiences in recent memory--right up there with Mahler 2 in Carnegie Hall, the Arutunian Concerto at Aspen, and Peter Cetera in Abravanel Hall (ok, so that last one is a bit of an oddball, but I was playing in a section led by Tony Dilorenzo--one of my trumpet heroes--and the audience cheered so loud that I felt like a rockstar all the way down on 3rd trumpet!).

Anyway, Mahler 3 was a riot! I felt like I played as well as I ever had in rehearsal, our brass section as a whole was rockin', and there were several moments where I was so overcome by the energy and excitement of the piece that I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear right there on stage. It was really a lot of fun.

Second, I finally finished the drawing I'll be submitting to the music school art competition! (My hands are rejoicing!) Just for fun, I took pictures throughout the process (some of which I've already shared with you here) so you could get an idea of how I approached the piece.

So here it is from start to finish...

I'll admit...I'm kinda proud of the final product. No, it is not a self portrait--I'm quite aware of the fact that I'm not nearly as lovely as the female trumpeter I drew--but maybe it's my ideal self in a way...I dunno.

Anyway, whether or not I get picked for the postcard, I'm glad to have been given a reason to indulge my creative side.


  1. WOW!!!! This literally took my breath away! It is SO beautiful!! There is so much life and joy and music just streaming from every corner!!! I WANT this in my home! Again WOW!!!!!!

  2. Kelly, your drawing is incredible! Every time I look I see something clever and beautiful that I missed the time before. Congratulations!

    Also, how big is it? When can I see it in person? Is it portable enough to bring to solo class...? hinthinthinthint

  3. I'm so glad you posted the "process" pictures. They helped me see different things in it symbolically I might not have considered otherwise. I especially like the contrast between dark and light - not just through color, but in the sunrise and the dark water as well. Now I have to ask...is the music taken from an actual piece, or is it just pretty?

  4. Wow Kelly! This is really cool. Mom and I were talking the other day and, despite the fact that we know it is a big deal and a stress, we think you need to do another art show. There are so many pieces we haven't seen in a while. Other new ones like this need a chance to really be seen. Love it, love it, love it!!!