November 10, 2011

Listening Session

Today I listened to:

Barber's Violin Concerto


Mahler's 3rd Symphony

For this impromptu concert I sat in a big fluffy chair on the upper level of the student center. Through the east-facing panoramic windows I watched heavy clouds race through the sky, sending sunlight playing over the lake and creating a patchwork of multi-green hues on the water's milky surface. The wind picked up and it started to snow--a blizzard over hills of still-green grass. The first flakes of the season, like blowing sheets of down, obscured the brilliant yellows of autumn leaves still clinging to branches that swayed in time to the music in my ears.

Forgive me for the sappy run-ons.
It's been a while since I was so swept away by required listening.


  1. Finding beauty in everything is another of your many gifts. Describing that beauty so I can enjoy it, too is yet another.

  2. Two amazing pieces of music.

    I can never tell if the first movement of the Barber is happy or sad- it's so intriguing!

  3. BTW not a single sentence in your lovely paragraph qualifies as a run-on.