June 29, 2011


Ok...I promised to make this short, but I just have to brag a little about my very cool boyfriend. There's a new numerical relativity textbook that's just been published and some of the papers he's worked on were cited within.

Rob always makes fun of me when I open up his books and ogle the intimidating equations that appear on nearly every page, but I can't help but be impressed that there are people in the world who can look at stuff like this and use it to explain many complex and beautiful aspects of our universe. In fact, to those versed in the language, such equations and the ideas behind them can be molded like a piece of clay into a physical or mathematical idea that possesses beauty and elegance analogous to any of the greatest works of art by Leonardo Da Vinci or Auguste Rodin. Here is a link to an enlightening essay on the topic by Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. I wish I'd read something like this in high school before I got scared away from mathematics.

Here's one of the citations...pretty cool eh:)

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  1. The essay was pretty cool!. I just haven't ever thought of the scientist types as those who appreciate beauty in such a fundamental way. I remember Shannon telling me that she LOVED math because everything can be put into an equation. Thanks, Kelly for sharing your admiration for Rob in this way.