March 18, 2011


Today's sunrise was peaceful. Rather than just snap a few photos and hurry on to school I sat for a good long while on the piled-rock wall that runs all along Evanston's lake shore and watched the sun rise behind a curtain of clouds and turn the sky into a rainbow.

When I finally gathered my stuff and continued on up to NU, I noticed the air was increasingly filled with a near cacophony of birdsong...probably a bunch of amorous he-birds simultaneously advertising their desire to mate.

Until about a week ago the dominant seducers had been the cardinals...

but lately, bunches of red-winged black birds have taken over. I was fortunate to catch this one mid squawk...check out the way he puffed himself up and flared his wings...all part of the show.

And then of course there were the impatient screams of ubiquitous seagulls. I'm really proud of these next pictures by the was a real challenge to get good mid-flight close ups!!!

There were also mellow warblings of robins, tweets and chirps from a bunch of little finchy-looking things, caws of mischievous crows, and a bunch of new songs from birds I'm as yet unable to name. Seems like the whole neighborhood's been catching spring fever! Me included...


  1. What GREAT PHOTOS!!!! It's fun to see through your lens.

  2. Rod want's you to try to record the cacophony and send it to him to manipulate on his gear. He's gotten a lot of new gear since you left. The studio is getting pretty crowded!