October 13, 2010

Walking on Water

Today's post is another "WOW LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE" as well as a general question: does anyone know what these people are paddling around on that makes it look as though they're walking (and sitting) on the surface of the water?

I'm pretty sure I wasn't witness to a modern-day miracle (other than the general miracle of existence) and that the thing these people were moving around on has to have a name. From a distance it looked as though they were atop a submerged raft of some kind--but one that is long and lean like a kayak instead of wide and chunky like what you picture Huck and Jim using on the Mississippi.

So anyway, click on each picture for a full screen-size view and let me know if you've heard of or seen something like this before.



  1. I have!
    urgh. I can't remember what it's called...but the little pontoon thingies are like snow shoes for water. I read about it in one of those silly women magazines the guys at the auto shop order to put on the coffee table in the waiting area.
    Water walking? is it as simple as that? Foot kayaking?