June 25, 2010

Approaching the End

Tonight I spent some time working at Cannonball and finished the very last limited-edition horn currently in stock. There will be another shipment arriving in a couple weeks that will include more instruments in each series, so it's not truly the end of anything overall, but it was sort of a goal for me to put my work on as many limited-edition saxophones as I could before I left. For the next few days I'll just be engraving more of our non-limited horns: the Pete Christlieb and Gerald Albright Signature models (like the Gerald Albright Soprano pictured below--I designed all the laser engraving you see on this as well).

Maybe this is just the fantasy of a typically big-headed trumpet player, but I've sometimes wondered if someday these horns we've engraved might mean something to collectors...like maybe people will seek out horns that specific individuals have worked on...maybe the small part (bumps and all) I've played in saxophone-manufacturing history will be noted by those who seek out unique "vintage" instruments...

...just another thought that keeps me always trying to do my best...

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